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Learn Mandarin Chinese

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你好!A little bit of advice needed. [13 Nov 2013|10:12pm]

Have you learned more simplified characters or traditional ones at the beginning? I like writing more with traditional characters, on computer of course. My Chinese teacher mostly has used simplified characters so far, and in further courses courses probably continues same line. I've been learning Mandarin only about few months or so, so I don't have much experience speaking and writing Chinese otherwise.

Which one you prefer and why? I'm interested to hear your experiences.
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Translation Help ^.^ [28 May 2012|01:16am]

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, so please delete if it isn't, but I need some help.

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Hi [15 Feb 2012|03:35pm]

As a complete newcomer to learning Mandarin I thought it worth a post here. As some background, I'm going to be spending 4 months in Beijing for work from the end of May and so I'm looking to get some basics together before flying out. Unfortunately my timing means I can't really join a formal course prior to my departure.

I've previously learned some basic Japanese (spoken and written), but obviously while this helps for the written it's not that useful for the spoken!

The main tools I've been trying so far are:
- Heisig's Remembering the Hanzi
- Anki
- Rosetta Stone

I also have access to the Pimsleur spoken courses although I have yet to try these.

I've found Heisig very helpful in making progress on committing Hanzi to memory, albeit without the actual reading. For spoken, the jury is still out for me on Rosetta stone. By the third lesson I'm concious I can understand some basics of grammar and vocabulary, but I'm also concious I'm not sure what I'm understanding at times. Has anyone used this to any length? For Japanese, I certainly found that for vocabulary Rosetta stone helped a lot, but for day to day phrases Pimsleur was the way to go.

I'm also finding pinyin fairly unhelpful at times - does anyone have any tips to memorising the correct pronounciation of the romanisations?

Finally, if anyone has any other systems or tips I'd be glad to hear them (I note Lang-8 seems popular, which I will be investigating tonight). Thanks!
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The idiot's guide to 繁体字? [28 Sep 2011|11:35pm]

大家好! I've been studying Chinese in school for a few years, but thus far all instructional materials have used simplified characters. This semester -- surprise! -- my textbook looks like this:

楚人和氏得玉璞楚山中, 奉而獻之厲王. 厲王使玉人相之, 玉人曰: "石也." 王以和為誑, 而刖其左足. 及厲王薨, 武王即位, 和又奉其璞而獻之武王. 武王使玉人相之, 又曰: "石也." 王又以和為誑, 而刖其右足. 武王薨, 文王即位, 和乃抱其璞, 而哭於楚山之下.

[Me: I appear to be sobbing inconsolably, can I be excused?
Teacher: Nope, because it's time for 听写!]

Has anyone else faced a sudden conversion to 繁体字? If so, I'd be very curious to hear how you handled it. Are there any tricks for recognizing traditional versions of familiar simplified characters? I've started a list of some of the more dramatic transformations (無 = 无, 幾 = 几, 識 = 识, 體 = 体, 讓 = 让, etc.), but this is obviously unsystematic and not especially helpful. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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[24 Aug 2011|09:18pm]

Hi! Just wondering whether anyone could reccomend some good (not too complicated!) chinese names to use when writing letters in exams, aside from the usual made-up friend called 小明!

eta: thanks so much for your suggestions!
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[16 Aug 2011|03:14am]


I have a bit of a creative task for the members of learn_mandarin. I am writing an absurd comedy story and a 'this is my only line' character needs his only line, and I'd like it to be in Mandarin. So:

Feast your eyes on Ultra Laser Pointer Bang 5k. Now it's really photons to the retinas!Collapse )

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你好! [07 Jun 2011|12:35am]

[ mood | excited ]

我想学中文. 谁都帮我的忙?
我最喜欢星星, 所以叫我小星 :)


message me anytime!

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Chinese help? [23 May 2011|11:41am]

I was wondering if someone had the time to point out the glaring errors in this?

一个人从家到外国搬的时候,一般钱是他的动机。如果去外国的人有一个赚钱的办法,为什么不去? 一八四九年,很多中国人听说有的从美国回来的人找到过很多金。他们也想去找到金。很多人去 旧金山还是新金山。旧金山在加州,新金山在澳大利亚。很快很多中国人都去澳大利亚。

谁从中国到澳大利亚来为在淘金潮工作的人多半是从南中国,广东省来的。都从中国来的人不一样,他们从各文化背景。 比方说:汉, 客家, 福建的背景。不太多来澳大利亚会说颇通话。很多人说各方言,很多人不明白对方。除了稻农民以外,还店主, 学者来到澳大利亚来。虽然几中国女人来到澳大利亚,多半来到澳大利亚的人是男人。如果一村想把有的人打发到外国的话,他们选村里的家庭关系健康男人。

That last sentence, in case it doesn't make sense at all, is supposed to say "If a village decided to send many people overseas they usually chose young, healthy men who had family connections in the village."
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NCPR [17 Feb 2011|11:27pm]


If I were to finish all six volumes of New Practical Chinese Reader, what HSK level should I expect to be able to pass, assuming I was a diligent student?

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

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Grammar! [27 Dec 2010|01:07am]

In a song by the group "Jin Qiao Qian", they are talking about 吃果果.

At one point a lyric says:


What does that mean? This is a sentence structure which has been confusing me for several months now (since it wasn't essential to survival in Asia, I never actually had anyone translate it), and I think it has something to do with a person bringing an apple so they can both eat?

(The song in question is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg-S0zUtC9I&feature=related - comes just after 1:00)

I've seen the 我一個人 [insert action here] also being used in a similar fashion. According to some loose online translations, it means something like "I myself [insert action", but if that's the case, then when should I be using 自己? I thought 自己 was used to indicate "I myself [insert action"?

I'm just really confused by this.
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你好! [22 Sep 2010|06:09pm]

[ mood | calm ]


I just started Chinese 101 at my University. This journal is sort of meant for me to practice, and, in theory, maybe try to have a sort of online immersion. Until I can fully post in Chinese, my journal will follow my learning. It'll probably list everything I am learning as a reference that I can look back on. Practice, practice, practice.

I've offered it to my friend, as well, as a way to help learn, herself. If anyone else wishes to follow me for that reason, they may. Otherwise, I'd love some friends speaking Chinese to talk to.

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大家好! [19 Sep 2010|09:20am]

[ mood | content ]

For my Chinese class we had to write a 600 character essay on the advantages and disadvantages of living on and off campus. It took me more time that I'm willing to admit to write this and I'm wondering if anyone here could help me point out some major mistakes. :)
It would be greatly appreciated! :'D

Under the cut!Collapse )

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reading question [24 Jul 2010|04:52pm]

 Is there any instances where a character's reading would change?
I use Anki, and I have the Pinyin Toolkit plugin. I inserted this sentence : 話説太多不如不說 and it said the last character was pronounced [shuì] instead of [shuō]. 
Is this correct, or did the plugin mess up?

I'm sorry if this isn't allowed, but it's my first post here...*shrug*
Thank you for any input :)
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Some Free Online Lessons for Beginning Chinese [18 Jul 2010|05:56pm]

[ mood | blank ]

I have never posted to this community, but I stumbled over a free resource of Chinese lessons being offered online that I thought I would share with others here who would like a another resource to use with their learning.
Here is the resource being offered by CCTV:

This has videos for beginners, intermediate and advance. Not a lot of stuff, but it is something for those who want to start and have no cash to spend.

Another resource is LiveMocha. It has some free courses, but what is better, is the ability to hook up with native speakers to increase your ability to communicate.

I hope this helps others on their journey to learn Chinese.

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[26 Jun 2010|08:20am]


鬻 (yù) : to sell, or to raise/bring up

鬻子 can mean a merchant, a young child, or to sell one's children

為了跟Brad Pitt性交一次,鬻子了。
(I sold my children in order to have sex once with Brad Pitt.) XD

煨 (wēi): to bake, simmer, or roast in fresh cinders

煨乾避濕 literally means "to sleep on a bed sheet that a child wet, and let the child sleep where it is dry"; this has been contextualized as the loving maternal care for a child. (I guess it's a good thing that I don't ever intend on bearing children.)

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Survey about Chinese Ebooks [09 Jun 2010|12:52pm]

Hello everybody,

I'm currently studying in China. For one subject we have to do a survey to find out what people, who read chinese books, think about e-books and e-book devices. Since this survey aims to find out more about chinese e-books (and devices that can't display chinese characters), I would love to get your (positive or negative) opinion.

To fill out the survey (ca. 10minutes), plese klick here: Chinese e-books

Thank you a lot for your opinion and help!

Cheers from Beijing,

BTW: I hope this is not considered spam...?!
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Composition [05 Jun 2010|07:49pm]

[ mood | busy ]

So, for my Chinese class, I had to write a composition that was a dialogue between a doctor and myself. I was wondering if you guys could point out my stupid mistakes D:

composition!Collapse )


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你好 [06 May 2010|02:11pm]

Hi there,

I joined this comm a while ago but have never posted.

I'll keep everything short and sweet by saying that I need serious help with Chinese.

I'm homeschooled and am currently using Rosetta Stone and any online resources I can get my hands on, such as chinesepod.com, translate.google.com, and whatever else I can find. Though I'm finding it all not to be enough. I'm especially displeased with Rosetta Stone of which I have been using for a year but I still have no confidence in speaking nor do I know any solid conversational pieces since I learn without translations. The only conversational pieces I have come to learn were from the Pimsleur Mandarin Short Course tapes. I wasn't even able to near completion those tapes being that someone else needed them and I could not keep them. The very few phrases I learned from that system are the only ones I have managed to remember at all. I hope to attain those tapes again. But what I'm really in need of is someone else studying Chinese to interact with? Maybe just to know I have a friend who knows more or the same amount of Chinese that I know. And someone who will be willing to help me get my confidence in speaking up? (of which I have none since someone recently told me my Chinese sounded like French).

All I'm asking for is help. The person doesn't have to know more than me, just as long as they're learning as well. And if the person does know more they're going to have to be very patient being that I'm not at all confident.

I really love Chinese, I always have, and it's a joy to learn. But I also want to retain and master the language. I've been looking into it much too long to have made no progress.

That ends my request.

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[05 May 2010|11:59am]

[ mood | peaceful ]

So. I have to write a lame speech for my Chinese class about the weather and how I get to school.
I also have to record myself reciting it. D:

I just want to make sure it's correct before I record myself. It's probably way off but, eh, this is where you can help me? :D

My Essay!Collapse )


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簡體字 [02 May 2010|06:24pm]

有誰仍用繁體字? 除了我以外,有另一個人書繁體字嗎? D:
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